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How quickly will my firearm sell on usedguns.com.au ? 
The quickest sale to date is 5 minutes after the ad was put up on the site. A good photograph + a good price = a good quick sale.

Michael emailed to say - Hi David, very pleased to inform you the Blaser is now sold! That`s three sales and two purchases from "looking for" ads. Feel free to ask me for a testimonial !


James emailed to say - Sold the Enfield, could you change status to SOLD for me? Can`t believe it ! I spent the last year trying to sell these on grantsmilitaria and other boards, no luck and lots of people farting around with "oh I see these for $100 down the road etc etc" and I stick it on here, I`ve had about 8 phone calls since 6am and at least 9 emails! Bloody brilliant site mate! =)


Romano from Sydney emailed to say - "I listed 4 hand guns today. Can you remove the Pardini 9mm and the Smith & Wesson from the site as they are sold, S & W at about 1.30 pm and the Paradini at 4.30 pm."  (These ads were uploaded to usedguns.com.au at 10.30a.m and SOLD in 2 & 6 hours)


Mark from QLD emailed to say -"Hi, Just to let you know that the 32 WCF Winchester lever action that I advertised with you yesterday afternoon sold this morning. Great site !"


Joel from ACT emailed to say -"Do you have a comments board because I was blown away by how good your site is and I now check your Whats New section frequently. I only listed my rifle Sunday night. Received two emails that night, one inquiry, one offer to buy via lay-by and payments. Received two calls Monday morning, the second call was to buy, no questions asked (Sold), then first caller called again but too late. I didnt think I listed too cheap a price, your site is just great"


How many shooters will see my ad on usedguns.com.au ? 
usedguns.com.au has a daily audience of up to 15,000 visitors a day. Your ad is seen by over 376,000 site visitors per month. Hits to the site are now regularly more than 4.1 million each day. That is a circulation higher than almost every shooting magazine in Australia combined. I believe it is the most viewed shooting web site in Australia
How do I contact the seller advertising on usedguns.com.au ? 
All advertisements on usedguns.com.au carry the email address and/or contact phone number of the seller. These details are just below the photo of each item. You may email or phone according to the seller`s preference.
How do I change the price of my firearm on usedguns.com.au ? 
Email usedguns.com.au and we will gladly change the price on your ad for you.  ssg@usedguns.com.au
How do I place an ad on usedguns.com.au ? 
Take a digital photograph of your item and load it onto your computer as a JPEG image. Follow any of the links on usedguns.com.au to our " Place your ad " page.  Complete the details of your ad by following the prompts and submit it to usedguns.com.au.
How current are the ads on usedguns.com.au ? 
New ads and/or changes to ads are made many times a day
Is usedguns.com.au a dealership, can I buy or sell my firearm through usedguns.com.au ? 
usedguns.com.au is not a firearms dealership. It is a web site where any legally registered shooter can post an advertisement to sell or buy a firearm. Firearms are not sold, transferred by, nor are they held by usedguns.com.au.
How can I find a firearm by make ? 
Either use the Search box provided or use the "Find" function. Use your keyboard, hold down the "Control" key and type "F", this should bring up a search box. Enter the search word you wish to use, e.g., Sako or Remington, then click the "Find box" search icon. You may need to repeat this on different pages
How long will my ad display on usedguns.com.au ? 
Your ad will run for a maximum of 3 months. Please advise once your item sells so your ad can be removed from the site.
Why use usedguns.com.au instead of placing an ad in a shooting magazine ? 
Advertisements on usedguns.com.au are on the site usually within 24 hours of being submitted. Magazines usually need 4 to 5 weeks lead time before publishing your ad. We have had ads submitted to both usedguns.com.au and a shooting magazine at the same time. These firearms sold through usedguns.com.au before the magazine was even published.
Why is licence number and dealer information required for ads on usedguns.com.au ? 
Legislative requirements for advertising firearms or firearm parts require that the seller must provide a shooter`s licence or permit number, plus the serial number of the firearm or part. NSW further requires that advertisements display the name and address of the licensed firearm dealer through which the transfer will be made. If you are in a state that does not require the name of  the transferring  dealer usedguns.com.au has found that the name and address of the dealer near you gives customers an idea of what state you are located in. Your advertisement cannot be accepted without legally required information.
Beware of fraud and scams!  
Warning. usedguns.com.au never handles money nor firearms for transactions between buyers or sellers. If you are asked to do this, it is a fraud. Payment by PayPal for a firearm is against PayPal`s policy and is usually a scam. Any email that asks a seller for a brokerage fee or an agent`s fee is usually a scam. Any email that claims they can supply a firearm or firearm part from overseas is usually a scam. Any email that offers you above your asking price is usually a scam. You should always speak to the buyer directly
How do I buy a firearm from another state? 
All firearms that cross state borders must be transferred from dealer to dealer. After purchasing your firearm, arrange for it to be sent by the seller from his local dealer of choice to your local dealer of choice. Costs of transfer fees & freight are negotiated between buyer & seller. Once you have your relevant Permit To Acquire, the firearm may then be collected from your dealer. If in doubt, ask your dealer or contact your State Firearms Registry.

Registry Phone Registry Fax Registry Website E-mail
02 6245 7405 02 6245 7259 ACT Registry ACT e-mail
1300 362 562 02 6670 8558 NSW Registry NSW e-mail
08 8922 3541 08 8922 3540 NT Registry NT e-mail
07 3364 4416 07 3364 4863 QLD Registry QLD e-mail
08 8204 2495 08 8204 2314 SA Registry SA e-mail
03 6230 2720 03 6230 2765 TAS Registry TAS e-mail
03 9247 3227 03 9247 6485 VIC Registry VIC e-mail
08 9223 7000 08 9223 7029 WA Police Web WA e-mail

The SSAA has plenty of information on the legal aspects of firearms` transfers

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